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Ngauwudu Safari Camp Septic System Service

Our operations manager Mark Versteegen and service technician Warren had the pleasure of servicing our treatment plant at the Ngauwudu Safari Camp located in the Mitchell Plateau region of the Kimberley.

Ran by Outback Spirit Tours,  the Ngauwudu Safari Camp is one of the most eco-friendly facilities in the Kimberley. This region is one of the most captivating places in northern Australia, being home to some of the most spectacular waterfalls, rock art galleries and scenery in the world.

The Safari Camp is extremely diverse, being home to stunning natural features and a distinctive array of plants and animals. Due to the eco-sensitive nature of the location, Outback Spirit Tours invested in environmentally friendly wastewater systems. This included having designed and fitted  a class leading effluent treatment plant by ours truly.

When designing the plant our team had to take into consideration the sensitive nature of the location, ensuring the wastewater treatment plant was capable of producing a consistently high quality effluent with nutrient removal capabilities.

The luxurious $4 million camp is just as breathtaking as its surroundings, featuring 14 spacious Safari Suites and leading facilities. Both Mark and Waz were treated exceptionally during their stay, and were lucky enough to enjoy some of the regions beautiful natural wonders!

“If there is one thing you need to do in life it is to visit the amazing Mitchell Falls.

Just some of the perks of creating sustainable wastewater solutions for Australia’s most incredible environmental feats!

Ngauwudu Safari Camp