Wastewater Systems & Septic Tanks For Commercial Premises

Tailored Water Treatment Systems for Businesses of Any Size

Commercial wastewater treatment systems don’t just require a greater capacity but must be guaranteed to remain effective after prolonged, intensive use. We understand that as a business owner, you don’t want to have to spend time worrying about your water treatment so the Garden Master commercial range is designed to be reliable, durable and hassle-free.

Supply, design and installation of aerated wastewater treatment systems for commercial purposes.  We service New South Wales, ACT, Victoria as well as environmentally sensitive sites across Australia.

Commercial Wastewater Solutions

We offer three water treatment systems specifically designed for commercial applications.

For small businesses, we have a two-tank septic tank system with capacity for up to 20 people. This is an affordable aerated wastewater treatment system with environmentally-friendly credentials, perfect for offices, workshops, studios and more.

For larger applications, we will custom-build a wastewater system to fit your site, taking into account the unique needs of your business.

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Our Range of Quality Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems:

Small Commercial Septic Systems

This is an eco-friendly commercial grade septic system designed to be used by small businesses. It is a two-tank wastewater solution, perfect for premises with up to 20 people. We recommend using sub-surface irrigation with this treatment system.

Large Commercial Wastewater Treatment System

These wastewater systems are specially designed & built to suit your site requirements and are for premises serving over 20 people. We supply bespoke septic systems for customers running vineyards, mine sites, horse studs, hospitality venues, and more.

Pump Stations

We supply and install cutting-edge pump stations tailored to your site. Our pumping stations include a variety of pumps and equipment to effectively pump fluids from one place to another. Our water pumping stations range in size from 500L to 3000L and come fitted with the right pumps for the job.

Our Small Business Wastewater Treatment System

Garden Master Elite, Advanced Secondary Treatment System (STS)

The Garden Master Elite Dual Tank STS has a 5000L a day capacity and has been designed to treat the effluent to achieve the best possible quality water before discharge back into the environment. The designated irrigation area is an integral part of your Garden Master system and is designed to accommodate the predicted flow rate of wastewater at the time of system approval.
Our system is fully automatic in operation and requires little owner intervention to ensure years of service.

The dual tank Garden Master Elite STS is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly wastewater solution for your Business’s septic needs.


Our dual tank septic Secondary Treatment System receives all waste water from the premises including the kitchen, toilet, shower and laundry, and quietly and efficiently recycles all your wastewater into clean, clear and odorless water suitable for irrigation back on to your site’s garden and lawns.

How it works..

how a septic system works

Septic Chamber

Influent enters the chamber via the source whereby scum and solids capable of settling are separated from the raw influent. Primary treated effluent flows through a transfer port to the aeration tank. This tank will also act as a storage chamber for sludge returned via the Clarification Chamber.

Aeration Chamber

Water enters via the Primary Chamber. Air is introduced into this chamber via an air blower to create an environment for aerobic bacteria and other helpful organisms to consume the organic matter present. The aeration tank is designed in a manner to help prevent short circuiting of the wastewater to ensure extended aeration. Media is also present in the tank to support the growth of bacteria.

Clarification Chamber

The Clarification chamber is essentially a quiescent zone where suspended particles/solids are settled out of the water. These particles are returned to either the septic or aeration chambers via a sludge return which aids in further biological reduction, de-nitrification and providing a constant food supply rich in microbes supporting the system through periods of limited flows.


Disinfection is achieved via low doses of chlorine to kill off any remaining harmful organisms. This process is achieved through an automatic chlorinator with sufficient doses to last between maintenance visits.

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Approved by the NSW, VIC and ACT departments of health

About Us

Garden Master has been recognised as industry leaders for over 30 years, manufacturing, supplying and servicing quality wastewater treatment systems and septic tanks for thousands of clients across Australia.

Our wealth of experience, premium wastewater solutions, and customer service allow us to provide high-quality wastewater solutions that you can trust. These solutions have been widely requested from all around Australia & the globe completing projects in New Caledonia and Alaska in the U.S.