Septic Tanks & Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems For Your Home

We supply, install and service Residential Septic Tanks, AWTS, Secondary Treatment Systems and home water recycling plants throughout NSW, ACT and Victoria.

Our expert team will come up with the perfect wastewater solution to suit your needs. Whether you need a large Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (ATWS) for a rural home or a compact septic tank for a smaller suburban dwelling, our team will come up with the perfect wastewater solution to suit your needs!

Garden Master residential septic tanks and AWTS are the ultimate systems for turning waste into water.

residential septic tank system
Residential Septic Tank System

What’s the secret to our success? It’s our formula. “Keep its simple – make it safe – and ensure it’s reliable”

Garden Master residential septic systems are one of Australia’s best-selling on-site treatment systems.

Garden Master Elite Secondary Treatment System (STS), designed with a large capacity in mind, ensures safe and reliable operation even when multiple wash loads or guests stay over. The last things you want are embarrassing odours emanating from your septic tank.

You will not have to live your life around your wastewater treatment plant; you can have the peace of mind to know that your Garden Master STS is operating quietly and efficiently.

One tank, one hole and one connection, it couldn’t be easier.

Garden Master 7100L Elite Advanced Secondary Treatment System

Professionally designed by an expert team with over 30 years of experience in engineering wastewater treatment solutions.

The Garden Master “Elite” Advanced Secondary Treatment System is our primary Aerated Wastewater Treatment Septic Tank product. Our systems are proudly Australian manufactured at our factory, ensuring that our exacting standards are being met.

The Garden Master system is safe and reliable.

septic tank
residential single septic tank

Our Sales & Installation Process

Once council approval has been obtained, we will manufacture your septic system to your required specifications. We will then carry out extensive tests and deliver and install the system on-site.

Our septic systems require standard plumbing and electrical connections detailed in each system’s comprehensive owner’s manual.

All Garden Master products meet or exceed the requirements of all statutory bodies, local councils, and electrical supply authorities and are guaranteed. 

The Elite is a single concrete septic tank with 7100L capacity, perfect for domestic premises with up to 10 people.

Cost effective

Certified quality

Economical to run

Quiet operation

Easy installation

Environmentally friendly

Save household water usage by up to 50%

Durable concrete construction

Microcomputer control unit

Single tank for up to 10 people

We Service NSW, ACT & Victoria

Find out how Garden Master can help you with your septic and wastewater needs.

We also have a range of durable concrete or plastic septic tanks for customers looking for a septic tank replacement, as well as pumping options to connect your site to local sewer mains.

After installation, Garden Master are committed to servicing and supporting you. For your wastewater system to maintain its high-level performance, NSW Health requires that it is serviced every three months, which we will do for you.

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