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Septic Tank Access Saddle

Just like your car, by law your septic tank must be serviced regularly to prolong its life and keep it operating efficiently and safe.

Typically this is an easy process, with our qualified service technicians periodically servicing your system. However, in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland, many septic tanks are completely buried underground, making access for servicing and necessary maintenance difficult. 

Without good access and regular maintenance, it is easy for your tank to allow untreated sewage into the disposal area, threatening the health of their family and finances.


How Does the Septic Tank Saddle Help?

After extensive product research and development, our parent company Wastewater Australia designed and manufactured a septic tank access saddle. A septic tank access saddle makes it easy for septic tank owners and anyone requiring access to a septic tank to find, open and access septic tanks. This allows them to check on their operation and to pump out the contents when needed.  The saddle fits over your septic tank and raises the access cover to ground level, providing easy access to your septic tank. Once the new saddle is installed on your septic tank, there is no need to dig up your tank ever again.


The Septic Tank Access Saddle Itself

The septic tank access saddle is extremely lightweight and durable. Weighing only 22 kilograms the saddle can withstand superimposed loads of more than 1.5 tonnes! Designed to withstand a lifetime of use, the saddles sealing ring and lockable cover are made from composite resin of fibreglass and fillers formed under great pressure and heat. This makes the saddle and cover stronger than steel! The composite resin construction also ensures the access cover is light enough to lift. This complies with Work Health and Safety guidelines by allowing an individual to easily lift and remove the saddle when they need to. The cover is secured by three stainless steel bolts and cannot be removed without a socket spanner, making it tamper-proof.


Exacting Standards

The septic tank access saddle was specifically designed in alignment with all government safety requirements. Additionally, the septic tank saddles help you meet Australian Standard AS/NZS1546.1 by creating an access opening that allows for regular de-sludging of the tank. This fulfils the design, performance and testing requirements of septic tanks



Installation is extremely simple and can be completed in just 15 minutes. With the saddle only weighing 22 kilograms, a single worker can install the saddle without the assistance of further trucks or excavators.

To find out more about Wastewater Australia’s septic tank access saddles, call our expert team now on 1800 632 582 or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.