Wastewater & Septic FAQs


We predominantly supply aerated wastewater treatment systems throughout NSW, ACT and Victoria however we have built bespoke wastewater systems across Australia and even internationally in New Caledonia and Alaska in the United States when bespoke systems were needed for environmentally sensitive sites.

We offer our septic maintenance service in the Newcastle, Maitland, Singleton, Muswellbrook, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast regions of NSW only.


Yes, our Garden Master Septic Tanks are Aussie made by us! Our factory is in Wodonga Victoria where we manufacture our water treatment parts and septic tanks. Making our own products means that we can ensure everything we supply has been made to our exacting standards and thoroughly tested before being passed on to consumers.

Society is increasingly demanding a pollution-free lifestyle and there are justified and growing concerns regarding the long term effects of waste disposal. Outdated septic tanks with adsorption trenches or expensive pump out services have now been replaced with a far superior solution called Aerated wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS). The Garden Master “Elite” System is a proven AWTS which offers real advantages in that it accepts all wastewater from the bathroom, toilet, kitchen and laundry and processes it into clear odour free water which is then irrigated onto the garden.

An Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) is an on-site sewage treatment plant. The waste water is placed through a series of treatments and disinfectant processes, then this treated water is distributed on lawns and gardens.

Your Garden Master system must be connected by a licensed electrician. All electrical work must be carried out in accordance with the SAA Wiring Rules (AS 3000) and comply with the relevant local Supply Authority Rules.

● A dedicated circuit of 2.5mm conductor size is required. Active, Neutral and Earth must run from the building switchboard to the terminal box on the Garden Master system. This circuit must be fitted with Earth leakage protection and run through a 20 A circuit breaker.
● A 1.0mm twisted twin cable is connected between the remote alarm indicator plate and the Garden Master terminal box as shown. The remote indicator can be located in a convenient location at the house(such as laundry, garage).
● The electronic control centre is mounted inside the blower cover usually located on the top of your tank.

No, wastewater treatment system installation must be carried out by a licensed plumber and drainer.

Turf is the best type of vegetation to plant if you have subsurface irrigation however small shrubs should be ok providing they are at least two meters from your system.

Regarding trees, we recommend you consult with a nursery or horticulturalist as some trees can affect the moisture levels in the ground and can also affect the tank with their roots


The following is checked during each service:

● Efficiency of the chlorinator and chlorine tablets
● Irrigation pump’s performance
● The operation of the blower
● The performance of the activated sludge process
● The condition of all pipes and hoses
● The efficiency of the irrigation spray
● The accumulation of sludge in the septic tank

The following is tested during each service:

● the high level water alarm and low air alarm
● the clarity and pH level of the water
● the free residual chlorine level

The effective operation of your AWTS depends on getting is serviced every three months by a qualified service technician. It is also imperative that power to the system is not turned off.

Avoid using strong acids, alkalis, oils and chemicals in your toilet, bathroom, laundry and kitchen (they can kill off the working bugs).
Do not connect your spa bath to the system. Use only biodegradable detergents with low phosphorus in your laundry and kitchen.

If possible spread your washloads in stages over several days; This will avoid flooding the system with large amounts of water at one time and try and avoid the use of your washing machine and showers at the same time.

Do not use “anti-bacterial” products such as bleaches, commercial cleansers and hair dyes as these can interfere with the bacterial breakdown in the system. Do not flush any sanitary items down the toilet.

If you intend being absent from your premises for a period of up to three months no action is required. Your Garden Master system should not be switched off.

The Garden Master “Elite” System is fully automatic in operation. To ensure that it is always operating to maximum effectiveness it is essential that it is serviced according to the recommended schedule. Your Garden Master Consultant will advise of the service procedures and will also supply phone numbers for the 24 hour back-up service. If your Garden Master System indicates any fault we guarantee you will receive attention within 24 hours.

For any questions not listed above please don't hesitate to give us a call!