Garden Master Septic Tanks & Wastewater Systems

For over 30 years, we have provided reliable sewage treatment systems in both domestic and commercial installations.

The team at Garden Master are experts in the supply and installation of top-quality residential septic systems and commercial wastewater management systems, all of which are approved by the NSW, VIC and ACT departments of health.

We offer a wide range of wastewater solutions and septic tanks, using only the best available products and parts to custom-build efficient water treatment systems for our customers.

Residential Septic Tank System

Our Range of Quality Wastewater Treatment Systems:

Residential Wastewater Systems

The Garden Master “Elite”, Advanced Secondary Treatment System (STS) is our primary septic tank system and and is perfect for domestic premises with up to 10 people. Based on a single concrete septic tank with 7100L capacity.

Small Commercial Systems

The Garden Master “Elite”, Advanced Secondary Treatment System (STS) dual concrete septic tank with a 5000L a day capacity. This two-tank wastewater solution is perfect for premises with up to 20 people. We recommend using sub-surface irrigation with this treatment system.

Greywater Recycling Systems

Our Greywater Recycling System the ultraGTS, is a modern state of the art Greywater Treatment System employing the latest in Membrane Technology and UV Disinfection.

Other Wastewater Treatment Systems:

Poly & Concrete Septic Tanks

Garden Master offers a range of high-quality poly & concrete septic tanks. These are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Sewage Pump Stations

We supply and install cutting-edge pump stations tailored to your site. Our pumping stations include a variety of pumps and equipment to effectively pump fluids from one place to another. Our water pumping stations range in size from 500L to 3000L and come fitted with the right pumps for the job.

Pump To Sewer Wastewater Treatment System

Our pump to sewer wastewater systems feature a single concrete septic tank with a mono pump and are ideally suited to sites requiring effluent to be pumped from the property to the local sewer main.

Large Commercial Septic Treatment System

These wastewater systems are specially designed & built to suit your site requirements and are for premises serving over 20 people. We supply bespoke septic systems for customers running vineyards, mine sites, horse studs, hospitality venues, and more.

Garden Master “Elite”, Advanced Secondary Treatment System

The Elite was designed by an expert team with over 30 years of experience in engineering wastewater treatment solutions.

The Garden Master “Elite”, Advanced STS (Secondary Treatment System) comes in a single concrete septic tank with 7100L capacity for domestic premises with up to 10 people or a dual tank option for commercial sites with a capacity of up to 20 people.

Our Septic Tanks are proudly Australian made and manufactured at our factory to ensure that our exacting standards are being met.

NSW, VIC and ACT authorities approve the Elite STS system. We place great importance on our policy of continual product improvement to ensure that our systems will always incorporate the newest available water treatment technology.

commercial septic tank system
residential single septic tank

The Garden Master Elite STS is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly wastewater solution for your septic needs.


Our septic Secondary Treatment System receives all wastewater from the premises, including the kitchen, toilet, shower and laundry, and quietly and efficiently recycles all your household wastewater into clean, clear and odourless water suitable for irrigation on your garden and lawns.

Septic Tank Water Cycle

Garden Master STS aerated wastewater treatment system is fully automatic and requires little owner intervention to ensure years of service.

How it works..

garden master AWTS

Primary Chamber

Influent enters the chamber via the source whereby scum and solids capable of settling are separated from the raw influent. Primary treated effluent flows through a transfer port to the aeration tank. This tank will also act as a storage chamber for sludge returned via the Clarification Chamber.

Aeration Chamber

Water enters via the Primary Chamber. Air is introduced into this chamber via an air blower to create an environment for aerobic bacteria and other helpful organisms to consume the organic matter present. The aeration tank is designed to help prevent short-circuiting of the wastewater to ensure extended aeration. Media is also present in the tank to support the growth of bacteria.

Clarification Chamber

The Clarification chamber is essentially a quiescent zone where suspended particles/solids are settled out of the water. These particles are returned to either the septic or aeration chambers via a sludge return which aids in further biological reduction, de-nitrification and providing a constant food supply rich in microbes supporting the system through periods of limited flows.


Disinfection is achieved via low doses of chlorine to kill off any remaining harmful organisms. This process is performed through an automatic chlorinator with sufficient doses to last between maintenance visits.

The Garden Master secondary treatment system (STS) has been designed to treat the effluent to achieve the best possible quality water before discharge back into the environment.


Garden Master has an ongoing statistical audit program that collects designated samples and submits these to independent test laboratories for microbiological testing.

Certified Product logo
Certified Product logo

Thousands of families rely on Garden Master for safe and effective treatment of on-site wastewater. This is why…

Industry Leaders In Aerated Wastewater Treatment

The founders of Garden Master pioneered the development of the aerated water treatment system (AWTS) concept in 1985. For over 20 years, Garden Master AWTS has provided reliable sewage treatment in domestic and commercial installations. We regularly service all systems we install and monitor their performance through a statistical product testing program.

Eco-Friendly Wastewater Solution for Modern Living

The Garden Master “Elite” System is the product of extensive research and development, designed to provide reliable, environmentally-conscious treatment for on-site household wastewater. With the ultimate objective to achieve superior purity levels, not only does Garden Master contribute to a cleaner environment by minimising pollution in our rivers and streams, it provides recycled water to help keep your garden lush and green all year round.

Reduce Your Household Water Bills

Recycle all of your home’s wastewater to be reused as greywater for toilet flushing, laundry, garden irrigation, and more. This process can reduce your household water usage by up to 50%

Computer-Controlled Wastewater Management Systems

What sets the Garden Master AWTS apart from other septic systems is the Microcomputer Control Unit. This unit is designed to monitor and control the various stages of the biological processes as they occur through the system. Should a fault occur, the system will identify the issue and immediately send a signal to the control panel in your home.

Precision Engineering and Continual Development for Water Treatment Solutions

The Garden Master “Elite” System is the product of extensive research and development, designed to provide reliable, environmentally-conscious treatment for on-site household wastewater. Garden Master systems not only produce superior purity levels, but they also contribute to a cleaner environment by minimising pollution in our rivers and streams. They provide recycled water to help keep your garden lush and green all year round.

The Elite, the perfect wastewater treatment system for your home or commercial premises 

Cost effective

Environmentally friendly

Certified quality

Save household water usage by up to 50%

Economical to run

Durable concrete construction

Quiet operation

Microcomputer control unit

Easy installation

Single tank for up to 10 people

Find out more about our Septic Systems or the Garden Master Elite STS and discuss what we can do for you

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