The Garden Master Story

Garden Master is an industry leader for over 30 years, manufacturing, supplying and servicing quality wastewater treatment systems and septic tanks for thousands of clients across Australia.

Garden Master Wastewater Solutions is the flagship company for Wastewater Australia, with our head office based in Rutherford, NSW. We are a client-focused team with real industry experience and are always available to offer expert advice and guidance. Whether it’s a domesticgreywatercommercial or industrial septic system, the Garden Master team has the perfect wastewater solution.

We have our factory in Victoria where we manufacture our water treatment parts and septic tanks. Making our products means that we can ensure everything we supply has been made to our exacting standards and thoroughly tested before being passed on to consumers. This attention to quality standards is part of the reason for our excellent reputation as leaders in wastewater treatment on a national and international level.
Our wealth of experience, premium wastewater solutions, and customer service allow us to provide high-quality wastewater solutions that you can trust. Our septic solutions have been implemented all around Australia & the globe. With Garden Master providing services to clients locally in Newcastle and Hunter Valley, Sydney and Central Coast, greater regional NSW, Victoria and ACT while also undergoing projects in the Northern Territory, New Caledonia and Alaska in the U.S.

We are proud to offer water treatment solutions to our customers designed to minimise our environmental impact. Garden Master aerated septic systems and greywater recycling products help you reduce your home or business water consumption, lowering your carbon footprint and saving you money.