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The Dangers Of Poor Irrigation

A good irrigation system is necessary on any property.

Whether you’re building a new home or figuring out ways to save water and alleviate water damage, it’s important to know just how significant the impact of poor irrigation can be on your home. All homeowners should consider having an excellent quality irrigation system installed. The dangers of poor irrigation follow.


Below are some of ramifications of having poor irrigation:


Damage to Surrounding Concrete and Footpaths

Uncontrolled water from poor irrigation can eventually gather underneath or on top of concrete, causing it to become both aesthetically and structurally damaged. Paths in your garden, driveways, and even footpaths surrounding your home are at risk if they are subjected to continuous water build-up.

Higher Risk of Erosion

Excess water in your garden can cause the runoff of topsoil into surrounding drains. Not only does this significantly impact the environment, but it also means the root system of your lawn and plants is more likely to sustain damage due to losing the nutrients and protection that topsoil gives to them.

Wood Rot and Termites

Poor irrigation may result in rotting wood around your property or home. Termites absolutely love rotting, moist wood so if you’ve got irrigation leaks around wood, you need to think fast and resolve the problem before it causes major structural damage.

Increase in Pests

It’s not just termites that might invade your property if you have poor irrigation. There’s also the chance that you’ll have an increase of spiders and rodents on your property due to the increased moisture.


Contrary to all of the above, if you have an irrigation system that isn’t leaking but is not releasing enough or any water, then you are basically running with no irrigation at all. This can leave your property dry, kill plants and trees in your garden, and leave your lawn looking damaged.


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