The Garden Master ‘Elite’ Difference

The Garden Master “Elite” System is an Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) that efficiently treat’s and recycles all wastewater from your home.

Thousands of families rely on Garden Master for safe and effective treatment of on-site wastewater. This is why...

Reduce Your Household Water Bills

Recycle all of your home’s wastewater to be reused as grey water for toilet flushing, laundry, garden irrigation, and more. This process can reduce your household water usage by up to 50%

Computer-Controlled Wastewater Management Systems

What sets the Garden Master AWTS apart from other septic systems is the Microcomputer Control Unit. This unit is designed to monitor and control the various stages of the biological processes as they occur through the system. Should a fault occur, the system will identify the issue and immediately send a signal to the control panel in your home.

Efficient and Reliable Aerated Wastewater Treatment

The founders of Garden Master pioneered the development of the aerated water treatment system (AWTS) concept in 1985. For over 20 years, Garden Master AWTS have been providing reliable sewage treatment in both domestic and commercial installations. We regularly service all systems we install and monitor their performance through a statistical product testing program.

Precision Engineering and Continual Development for Water Treatment Solutions

The Garden Master “Elite” System has been professionally designed by our experienced team and then manufactured at our own factory so we can be sure that our exacting standards are being met. We place great importance on our policy of continual product improvement to ensure that our systems will always incorporate the newest available water treatment technology.

Eco-Friendly Wastewater Solution for Modern Living

The Garden Master “Elite” System is the product of extensive research and development, designed to provide reliable, environmentally-conscious treatment for on-site household wastewater. With the ultimate objective to achieve superior purity levels, not only does Garden Master contribute to a cleaner environment by minimising pollution in our rivers and streams, it provides recycled water to help keep your garden lush and green all year round.

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