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Secoh – The Name You Can Trust

Secoh is the trusted name when it comes to blowers and air pumps.

Garden Master Wastewater Solutions has been working with Secoh products for many years. We have found their air pumps and blowers for septic systems to be the best on the market when it comes to quality.

Secoh Automatic Air Pumps

Processing wastewater and sewage is one of the most important uses for a Secoh automatic air pump. Wastewater treatment systems rely on the use of bacteria to digest and break down waste material during processing. The suspended bacteria require the supply of oxygen to be constant in order to effectively carry out their job.  Air pumps continuously infuse oxygen into the system and aid the bacterial breakdown of waste. One significant benefit that is attained by this kind of aeration is the reduction of odours produced during sewage processing, a benefit that most homeowners greatly appreciate.

Secoh Blower

The Secoh blower, which sits on top of the tank, is critical for the aeration process. Air is introduced into the aeration chamber through an air blower to create an environment for aerobic bacteria and other helpful organisms to consume the organic matter present.

Secoh Air Pump and Blower Benefits

  • Reduction of odours from your septic tank system
  • Compact and light design makes them easier to fit
  • Low vibration, meaning there is a reduction in noise
  • Secoh products come with a 12-month warranty so you can count on its efficacy and know it was built to last

Air pumps and blowers are an integral part of your wastewater management system and Secoh is the best in the industry when it comes to functional, reliable air pump and blower products for the processing of wastewater and sewage.

Garden Master Wastewater Solutions

The team at Garden Master has been providing eco-friendly solutions for more than 30 years. We are recognised industry leaders, manufacturing, supplying, and servicing quality wastewater treatment systems for thousands of clients across Australia. Our wealth of experience, premium wastewater solutions and high-level of customer service enables us to provide you with premium quality wastewater solutions that you can trust; we only partner with brands that meet our high standards.

Garden Master Wastewater Solutions offers services from septic system installation to pump outs and maintenance of aerated septic systems, septic tanks and absorption trenches. Our services can also be tailored to suit your individual needs and are carried out by qualified service technicians.

Based in NSW, we provide services to clients from the Newcastle and Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Sydney and all of Greater NSW, as well as undergoing many projects in Victoria, ACT, the Northern Territory, New Caledonia & Alaska. You can read more about our projects here.

For all of your wastewater solutions or to receive a free quote on any Secoh Air Pump or Blower, contact the team at Garden Master on 1800 632 582 or submit an enquiry online.