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Leaking From Your Septic Tank – What To Look For

Leaks from your septic tank can be hazardous, but with regular servicing, you would hope this wouldn’t occur.

Unfortunately, these things do happen from time to time as a result of irregular servicing or faulty tanks (not ours of course!).

For basic leaks, it is actually unlikely that you will notice them as this will occur under the ground. However, blockages and other complications will have much more noticeable signs that will give you a pretty clear indication it is time to get a service, a pump out, or even have your septic tank replaced.

Low Liquid Level

This is the most common indicator for a leak under the ground. It is likely that you wouldn’t notice this because you are continually adding liquid to the tank but this can be picked up when thoroughly inspecting the tank. You will be able to notice the liquid level is lower than normal, meaning it is escaping somewhere.

Liquid Flow Back or Pooling Water

If there is a blockage or your septic system is full, you may notice pooling water in the yard. When the tank reaches its capacity, solid waste can clog the pipes, which forces the liquid to the surface. This may look like you’ve had heavy rainfall and the grass is yet to absorb the water. If it does not absorb, it is likely liquid flow back.

Slow Drains

Slow draining water that cannot be fixed using septic safe drain cleaners or unblocking products may be the result of blocked pipes caused by a full tank. Keep an eye on your sinks, bathtub and toilet and pump out your tank if necessary.

Bad Smells

This is typically where you get a sense that something is wrong, even if you can’t see any visible signs. If there are unexplained, unpleasant smells persisting on your property, it’s worth contacting Garden Master to do a service and check for blockages.

Sewage Backup

In this situation, you would be at the critical point where it is time to call in expert help. This will happen in the lowest drains first, so if you have a basement and have noticed a bad smell, check there first. Sewage backup is messy and you should never try to clean it up yourself. Call for professional help immediately.


If you notice any of the above signs or simply feel as though there may be a leak or blockage, the best next step is to call Garden Master Waste Water Solutions. Septic Tank leaks can be unsafe and unsightly; it is always best to call in experts and resolve the situation as soon as possible to avoid further damage or complications.

Garden Master offers septic tank servicing and septic tank cleaning from the Hunter Valley and across the Greater NSW region as well as new septic tank and wastewater system installation throughout NSW, Victoria and ACT.  We’ve also completed commercial projects in the Arhnem Land, the Kimberleys and even Alaska in the USA!


For any enquiries about your existing septic system or to get a free quote on an installation, give us a call on 1800 632 582  or submit an enquiry online.