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Revitalise Your Existing Septic Tank

A septic system is designed to hold solids and discharge partially treated water into the drain-field area. Despite having a long lifespan and being typically maintenance free, your wastewater system may become prone to failure. This can be extremely costly and can be dangerous for your family's health if not tended to. System failures generally require a full replacement or remodelling, costing you tens of thousands of dollars. However, with the SepticSAVER, you can have your system back to full functionality for only a fraction of the cost!

Septic Tank Failure

System failure can occur for various reasons. Cars may have driven over the drain-field, pipes may have broken or even become clogged by tree roots. However, the most common way for a septic system to fail is biologically with the maturing of the Biomat.

What is Biological Failure?

Septic systems work in an anaerobic 'oxygen free' environment, encouraging the growth of a black, sludge-like layer in the drain-field called the Biomat. The Biomat is an actual living organism that feeds on the waste and pathogens in your system.

However, it builds up over time, sealing the ground and sidewalls of the drain-field. This prevents the drain-field from absorbing water dispersed from the septic tank, resulting in septic system failure.

There are many warning signs that can help you identify if your system is failing, including:

  • noticeably soggy areas of the lawn or soil

  • black sludge on the ground

  • slow drainage when flushing toilets

  • unpleasant odours

  • water backing up into sinks, toilets and washing machines

  • abnormal sounds when running water or flushing toilets

The SepticSAVER can be installed as a preventive measure; however, if you are experiencing any of the above signs, we recommend installing the SepticSAVER immediately.


How it Works

The SepticSAVER is a revolutionary product that uses science and advanced technology to restore your system. It achieves this by converting the anaerobic septic tank to an aerobic environment by strategically increasing the dissolved oxygen levels within the septic tank. This starves the Biomat-forming anaerobic bacteria, causing them to quickly die. 

>Highly active and naturally occurring aerobic bacteria take their place, consuming up to 30 times more organic material than anaerobic bacteria. The aerobic bacteria consume the Biomat until it functions as if it was just installed. 

See Immediate Results 

Immediately after installation, the restoration process begins and visible results can be seen in just 24 hours! In a matter of weeks, all signs of septic failure will be removed and your septic system will be restored back to peak performance. Installing the SepticSAVER will take care of all your septic tank maintenance needs.

Within just 24-48 hours, the aerobic bacteria take complete control of the system’s environment, reducing any waste and pathogens. This replaces any foul odour with a light earthy scent and reduces the flow of organic material to the trenches.

In turn, the water being dispersed clears and in just a few weeks any groundwater or sludge in the drain field area will be removed, leaving behind a healthy green lawn.


The installation of the SepticSAVER is an extremely simple and cost-effective process, taking no longer than a few hours. The SepticSAVER is designed to suit any existing domestic system so, if you are experiencing problems with your failing septic tank, please do not hesitate to call us on  1800 480 322  or visit our contact page  for more ways to get in touch.