Get the Most Out of Your New Septic System

So you’ve had your new septic system installed. Congratulations – you’re doing your part for the environment, saving money, and getting extra lush gardens at home.

While your new septic tank system is fairly self-sufficient, there are certainly ways you can help guarantee its effective operation for the long term. What’s next after installation? Read on to learn more.

Your Main Responsibilities for Your Septic System

  • Always use septic safe products. No chemicals – that goes for hair products, cleaning products; everything.
  • Never dispose of foreign objects down the toilet; nappy liners, tampons, napkins etc.
  • Do not exceed maximum design load or subject the system to hydraulic shock loads.
  • Never switch off your power, even when on you’re on holidays.

Read Up on Your New System

We understand that it can be an information overload when going through the installation process and educating yourself on maintenance, upkeep and how your waste water system works. To help with this, we have created some handy resources to ensure you have useful information at your fingertips, ready for whenever is convenient or relevant, to learn more about your system.

Resources include:

  • Garden Master Owner’s Manual – A comprehensive document with information on everything from pre-installation to planting in the irrigation area.
  • Garden Master Handy Hints – Including helpful hints on what you can do to keep your system maintained, including what not to put in your drains, from foreign man-made objects to cleaning products; what is safe and what is not.
  • Garden Master Installation Guide – If you have not yet gone through the installation.

Regular Maintenance

As stated by the NSW Health Department, you are required to have your system serviced every three months to maintain its high-performance levels. During the service of your new septic tank, our team will conduct extensive checks and tests to ensure you get the most out of your new system. Regular maintenance is the most valuable way to ensure your system is operating optimally.

Our service company, Lochinvar Waste Water Treatment Systems, has qualified service technicians who provide complete servicing solutions for all brands of both commercial & domestic systems. Services include septic system installation, pump outs and maintenance of aerated septic systems, septic tanks and absorption trenches. They can also tailor other services as required.

About Garden Master

Garden Master has been committed to this industry for more than 20 years. The team is on a mission to help the environment through wastewater management solutions to recycle wastewater. We service across the Hunter Valley, Central Coast & Greater NSW region, as well as expanding our efforts across Australia to The Kimberly and Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge. You can read more about our adventures here.

For all of your waste water management needs, get in touch with the team to arrange for installation or maintenance. You can call us on 1800 480 322 or submit an enquiry via our contact page.