All of your wastewater from the kitchen, bathroom, toilets and laundry can be treated into greywater that is safe and clean to reuse around your property or dispose of. However, choosing the right wastewater management system is all about finding a tailored solution for your property and specific needs.

For example, if your property is not connected to the main sewage pipes, you will need a septic tank system that is capable of storing and treating all of your wastewater. Others might want to replace an ageing septic system or would simply like to recycle some of their water for gardening while reducing their bills and environmental footprint.

Repairing a Failing Septic System

Septic tanks can deteriorate over time or be damaged by cars driving over the drain field or tree roots clogging the pipes. Biological failure is the reason most septic systems fail over time.

Septic systems create an oxygen-free environment where a living organism called the Biomat feeds on the waste and pathogens in the system. Biological failure occurs when the Biomet, which exists as a black, sludge-like layer, builds up and seals the ground and sidewalls of the drain field, preventing water absorption.

Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars replacing the entire system when this happens, you can use the SepticSAVER to restore it back to full functionality. The SepticSAVER restores the system by replacing the Biomat-forming anaerobic bacteria with highly active aerobic bacteria that consume 30 times more organic material to eliminate blockages.

Home Water Treatment

Whether you need a fully functional, independent septic system for your rural property or a compact water recycling system for a smaller suburban dwelling, finding a company who can deliver a customised solution is essential.

You need to consider your current water consumption and size of your home. Your septic system should be big enough to hold twice the average daily usage of each person in the household. The bigger the tank, the less likely you’ll have problems in the future. Don’t forget to consider the times where you’ll entertain guests or the possibility of your family growing.

Commercial Water Treatment

Businesses need a water treatment system that offers a much greater capacity and is guaranteed to effectively operate after prolonged, intensive use. In many cases, a domestic septic system simply won’t cut it.

The simplest way of ensuring you get an effective water treatment system is to have one custom-built for your business, taking into account the amount of people who may use it and any other unique needs of the site.

Tailored Water Treatment Solutions in NSW

Garden Master provides customised commercial and domestic water treatment solutions across the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Sydney and wider NSW.

Our water treatment technology can offer a capacity of up to 20 people for commercial sites and uses advanced features such as a microcomputer that monitors and controls the various stages of biological processes occurring through the system and automatically detect faults.

To find out more, get in touch with the Garden Master team on 1800 480 736 or contact us online.