So you've had your new septic system installed. Congratulations – you’re doing your part for the environment, saving money, and getting extra lush gardens at home.

While your new septic tank system is fairly self-sufficient, there are certainly ways you can help guarantee its effective operation for the long term. What’s next after installation? Read on to learn more.

Secoh is the trusted name when it comes to blowers and air pumps. Garden Master Wastewater Solutions has been working with Secoh products for many years. We have found their products to be the best on the market when it comes to blowers and automatic air pumps for wastewater systems.

All Aussies are familiar with the wrath of Mother Nature. In the land down under, it seems to be feast or famine, drought or flood. Rarely do we see the in-between. For the great majority of Australians inhabiting cities on the coastlines, there is a softer feeling of this wrath but do not underestimate what is going on below the surface.

Millions of litres of wastewater enter our sewer systems every year. For a country that faces regular drought, this is a travesty; especially once you learn that most of that water can be recycled, rather than wasted.

Leaks from your septic tank can be hazardous, but with regular servicing, you would hope this wouldn’t occur. Unfortunately, these things do happen from time to time as a result of irregular servicing or faulty tanks (not ours of course).

For basic leaks, it is actually unlikely that you will notice them as this will occur under the ground. However, blockages and other complications will have much more noticeable signs that will give you a pretty clear indication it is time to get a service, a pump out, or even have your tank replaced.

Over the years, we have gone from DIY homemade cleaning solutions to mass marketed consumer cleaning products which promise to cut through grime and bring your whites back to their original vibrancy. The marketing campaigns always sound alluring and we've learnt to trust in brands. We assume that they would tell us if their products were harmful.

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So you're in the market for an aerated septic system? Or maybe you’re just trying to understand what they are and how they can benefit your home. Whatever your motivation, you've come to the right place.

First things first – it’s important to understand that not all septic systems are created equally. Of course, all waste water systems on the market in Australia must meet certain requirements from various authorities, but not all of them exceed these standards.

Most people want to cut back on their utility bills as well as make a difference to the environment. If you’ve ever lived through a drought, you have learnt the importance of saving water and how wasting water and can make a huge impact on your eco footprint. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to save water and many of them can be implemented immediately. You’ll see a difference in how much is coming out of your pocket to cover bills and you’ll feel better about building a sustainable future for yourself and generations to come.

All of your wastewater from the kitchen, bathroom, toilets and laundry can be treated into greywater that is safe and clean to reuse around your property or dispose of. However, choosing the right wastewater management system is all about finding a tailored solution for your property and specific needs.

Just like your car, by law your septic tank must be serviced regularly to prolong its life and keep it operating efficiently and safe. Typically this is an easy process, with our qualified service technicians periodically servicing your system. However, in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland, many septic tanks are completely buried underground, making access for servicing and necessary maintenance difficult.Without good access and regular maintenance, it is easy for your tank to allow untreated sewage into the disposal area, threatening the health of their family and finances.

Wastewater is everywhere, from the water running down your shower drain to stormwater runoff from wet roads. This by-product of our modern lifestyle poses an enormous threat to the natural environment if not handled properly.

Advanced wastewater systems treat the water you shower in and drink so it can be repurposed for gardening, toilet flushing, and other uses. This reduces water consumption by up to 50 per cent, making better use of a scarce resource and cutting household bills. Most importantly, it protects the natural environment that we all rely on.

Water pollution is a serious issue across the globe; however, developments in wastewater treatment technology are helping us reduce pollution and use water more efficiently. Wastewater is managed in different ways with varying degrees of effectiveness depending on where you are.

In this day and age, considering modern septic solutions for your residential property is essential. Quality septic tanks not only mean you won’t need to worry about constant repairs and the inconvenience that comes with a dysfunctional septic tank, but it also means that you can be assured that you are making a sustainable difference to the environment.

A good irrigation system is necessary on any property. Whether you’re building a new home or figuring out ways to save water and alleviate water damage, it’s important to know just how significant the impact of poor irrigation can be on your home. All homeowners should consider having an excellent quality irrigation system installed. The dangers of poor irrigation follow.

We are encouraged to create a pollutant-free world, and for good reason. If you’ve just purchased a property in an un-sewered area, you might be thinking about installing a new waste system or you might be thinking the existing one is fine.

Garden Master’s primary purpose is to provide wastewater solutions that are cutting edge, economical and imperative to the future of water usage. We are the flagship company for Wastewater Australia and have been leaders in the industry for more than 30 years!

Last year our partners Wastewater Australia were shortlisted as one of three possible solutions by the Alaskan government to remedy serious water access problems in the northern US state, which had led to a range of health issues. A lack of access to fresh water had spurred the government into looking at ways to install closed-loop recycling systems in homes so water from showers, washing machines and other uses can be cleaned and used over and over again. We are proud to say Wastewater Australia were selected for the international project, with the proven technology of the ultraGTS being shipped to Alaska. 

Our operations manager Mark Versteegen and service technician Warren had the pleasure of servicing our treatment plant at the Ngauwudu Safari Camp located in the Mitchell Plateau region of the Kimberley. Ran by Outback Spirit Tours,  the Ngauwudu Safari Camp is one of the most eco-friendly facilities in the Kimberley. This region is one of the most captivating places in northern Australia, being home to some of the most spectacular waterfalls, rock art galleries and scenery in the world. 

Alongside Wastewater Australia, our team at Garden Master fitted a cutting edge wastewater treatment plant for OutbackSpirit Tours, at the Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge. The lodge is one of the Territory’s premier lodges for Barramundi fishing, enjoying an incredible location along an escarpment approximately 18 km’s out of Maningrida. It has been completely redeveloped with the guest accommodation each being refurbished with complete luxury furnishings, ensuite bathroom, air-conditioning, front deck and of course our state of the art wastewater treatment plant.  

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