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Don’t Let Water Go to Waste

All Aussies are familiar with the wrath of Mother Nature. In the land down under, it seems to be feast or famine, drought or flood.

Rarely do we see the in-between. For the great majority of Australians inhabiting cities on the coastlines, there is a softer feeling of this wrath but do not underestimate what is going on below the surface.

Millions of litres of wastewater enter our sewer systems every year. For a country that faces regular drought, this is a travesty; especially once you learn that most of that water can be recycled, rather than wasted.

Recycling Your Wastewater

If this is the first you’ve heard of the concept, you can be excused for feeling a little squeamish with the idea of recycling your wastewater. The reality is that wastewater systems and septic systems are incredibly sophisticated. The team at Garden Master has invested extensive research and development into providing reliable environmentally acceptable on-site treatment for all household wastewater.

How Does It Work?

Following a fit-for-purpose approach, our team tailors solutions to fit your requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction & reliability. All septic sewage and grey water from washing and showers enters into the wastewater treatment plant and undergoes a five stage process. Our wastewater treatment systems efficiently recycle all of your wastewater, offering a cost effective & environmentally friendly solution.

Water from the system is treated to a level of purity specified by government health departments and environmental protection authorities.

For more than 20 years, Garden Master Aerated Waste Treatment Systems have been providing reliable sewage treatment in both domestic and commercial installations. All systems are serviced regularly and their performance is monitored through our statistical product testing program through N.A.T.A. testing laboratories. A policy of continual product improvement ensures that Garden Master products incorporate the latest available technology in on-site waste water treatment.

Green Gardens All Year Round

For gardening enthusiasts or admirers, whether you’re in areas with strict water restrictions or you’re simply conscious of water conservation, it is likely you have had to tone down your garden to suit the Australian climate. Through Garden Master wastewater management, you can use your recycled water to help keep your garden lush and green all year round.

Not only does Garden Master contribute to a better environment by eliminating pollution from our rivers and streams but it can restore your prized garden to be the envy of your neighbours.

Don’t let your waste water go to waste – contact us on 1800 632 582 or submit an enquiry on our online contact page. Get a free quote on septic system installation and connect with one of our industry experts who can talk you through our services. We install septic systems throughout NSW, Victoria, ACT and across Australia.


Garden Master Wastewater Solutions are working to solve Australia’s growing need for environmental waste water management.